2022 Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is evolving faster than ever before, and 2021 was no exception. We saw marketers embracing digital platforms this past year to keep up with the constantly changing virtual and hybrid business landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic. With 2022 quickly approaching, marketers must focus on the best approach and thrive in a post-pandemic world.

This guide highlights the top five marketing trends for 2022. These predicted trends will help businesses rethink their marketing strategies, improve customer experiences and stay on top of this competitive landscape.

Content Continues to Dominate:

Content remains one of the most important pieces for marketers, as search engines and Google focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and high-quality content. In 2022, the content should focus on improving the user’s experience by creating explicit, attractive, and engaging content that still provides users with informative content that can improve business performance, rankings, and conversions.

In 2022, marketing leaders should prioritize hiring content creators, content marketing managers, and content strategists who can deliver this engaging and educational content, potentially improving business performance, rankings, and conversions.

Videos are Getting Shorter but Still Dominating:

The use of video content continues to be one of the most influential ways for marketing teams to increase engagement and grow their businesses. This past year, we have seen the increasing popularity of short-form videos with Instagram’s Reels and the success of TikTok. This is a significant growth area that will only continue to increase. Although long-form video content can provide more in-depth information, short-form videos continuously dominate the marketing world. 

This type of short-form content aligns well with the fast-paced attention spans of online audiences. 93% of consumers said that video is helpful when purchasing a product and was their #1 favourite type of content from brands on social media (SocialMediaToday).

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence:

With the rise of AI in our everyday lives and companies adopting more AI technologies, it’s no surprise that AI has become an integral part of digital marketing. AI technology can provide companies with predictive marketing strategies that will help decide tactics that will give the best engagement, such as SMM or SEO campaigns. 

AI can help agencies in their organization and help streamline marketing operations. Some advantages of AI technology include AI-based content planning and optimization tools, email marketing tools and digital advertising tools, creating a more efficient system.

Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay:

Although companies are more open to including AI technology in their marketing strategies, this does not mean that it is replacing influencer marketing. Instead, in 2022, we will see an influx of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has become part of the foundation of digital marketing because influencers come with a foundation of digital knowledge and an audience engaged and influenced by their content. By collaborating with influencers, marketers can expand their reach and brand awareness.

Having Clear Values at the Forefront:

In 2022, there will be a significant emphasis on company values and missions. Consumers will be looking to support brands that promote positive values that align with their own or give back to the community somehow. 

As we advance in the new year, marketers should develop partnerships with nonprofits or companies that promote meaningful work. Marketing plans should include practical goals such as product placement, affiliate marketing, percentage of sales donations, or corporate sponsorship.

With 2022 less than a month away it’s important for businesses to rethink their marketing strategies, improve customer experiences and stay on top of this competitive landscape by  incorporating these key trends into their marketing initiatives. 

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Stephanie Dyriw